The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist


The “Must Have” Guide to Preparing for Baby With Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't


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I've done my research, I've done the trial and error, and I've found what we actually need when we have a new baby to take care of. 

There's no need for you to test every swaddle on the market or waste money on bottles that you'll never use. 

I've learned from my successes and my mistakes and now I get to share them with you.

Print my free checklist and use it as your guide for everything you'll need to make life with a baby SO. MUCH. EASIER.  

Download the Checklist Now and Get the Details on What's Important When Stocking Up For A Baby, Including:

  • What you'll need to stock your nursery with
  • What you'll need to include in your diaper bag
  • And what products might help with feeding and sleeping - the two most stressful parts of figuring out how to take care of your new baby

Hey there! I'm Heather... 


I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse and a mama to three little nuggets. Over the years, I've experienced what it's like to bring home a baby and I know what a mama needs to make their life with a newborn as smooth as possible. 


Ultimately, all that baby needs is YOU - A loving mama ready to snuggle them day and night. But, since mommy-hood can be tough sometimes, there are definitley things that can make the whole experience easier, more convenient, and happier for both you and your baby. 


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