Why Knowledge Really Is Power


How It Makes All The Difference In Labor

- What You Need To Know BEFORE You Go Into Labor-

In this Online Training, you'll learn:


15 Things That You Should Understand Before Labor Starts

Pain is not the only factor when it comes to an incredible birth. Pain is just one piece to the puzzle. It just so happens that there are 14 other things that should be on your radar when preparing to have a baby. 


The Cascade Of Interventions

...and how it can snowball your labor into something unrecognizable. 


How You Can Take The Reins In Your Labor

...and get into the driver's seat of your birth. By gaining knowledge about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to common labor interventions, you'll be better equipped to safely accept or decline them without feeling like you were steamrolled, strong armed, manipulated, coerced, or forgotten in your baby's birth. 

Everyone Has A Birth Plan

Insider Tip: A common misconception is that birth plans are only for the "Natural Birth" Mamas

Whether you have a scheduled induction or an emergency C-Section; an unmedicated birth or an early epidural, I'll bet that you have more preferences than you think you do. 

An incredible birth is not equivalent to how much you did on your own or how much pain you felt. 

An incredible birth is feeling like you were in the driver's seat of your birth, making decisions that were right for you and your baby, and feeling good about it in the process. 


This is a Must Attend if...

  • You're a first-time mom nervous about what to expect during labor and birth. 
  • You're a second, third (or more) time mom who wants to have a better birth experience than you had in the past. 
  • You fear feeling like you're not in control during your birth
  • You've heard one too many birth horror stories and you want to know how you can avoid them becoming your own
  • You're curious about labor interventions, what they are, when you'll need them, and how you'll know they are right for you. 

A Note From A Labor Nurse...

Hey, I'm Heather. A Labor nurse and a mom of two.

I want to guide you through all the knowledge I have up my sleeve after assisting in over 1000 live births and virtually helping thousands of new moms achieve their empowered births. 

I was already a labor and delivery nurse when I had my first baby. I thought I knew it all.

It wasn't until I gave birth to my first son that I realized that it's more about physical strategy, your circumstance, or a good provider. What I didn't realize is how much I would have to advocate for myself in order to have the birth I knew my body could have. 

When I got pregnant with my second, I made a pact to my self that I would not only learn how I could achieve the birth I was dreaming of but also teach other women how to do the same. 

Here we are. Let's get started.