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My birth customizable birth plan includes fill-in-the-blank pages to create for your best birth. 

It also comes with a pre-filled birth plan to give you an idea of what a birth plan that actually works looks like. 

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The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner

Congratulations! You're pregnant and you're looking for a way to document your memories while making sure you don't miss a thing.

**NOT a physical product. No journal will ship. This is an instant download. You get instant access at time of purchase**

When I was pregnant with my first child, I searched high and low for a journal that would help prepare me, keep me organized, and help me document my pregnancy in a way that I would cherish forever. I didn't want something that I would have to tear pages out if I didn't need them. I didn't want something that I would have to limit my words in because pages were limited. I needed a journal that was unique and personal. I never did find what I needed. I knew I had to do something about it.

I believe that it is my duty as a labor and delivery nurse and mother to share what I know with new moms like you.

SO, I created The Ultimate Pregnancy Preparation Journal.

With easy-to-fill-in printables, empty journal pages, pregnancy trackers, and journal pages, The Ultimate Pregnancy Preparation Journal will enable you to  manage your pregnancy while staying organized and remembering all of the important moments. I've included complete to-do lists, a place to keep track of your notes and memories, and a way to organize all important information about your pregnancy. Use this journal is a workbook, a planner, and a journal to document everything this pregnancy.

It's simple to print and easy to use!


What is included:

  • Cover Page
  • 140+ pages of high quality content written by a labor and delivery nurse and mother.
  • 8 detailed To-Do lists for each stage of your pregnancy
  • Baby shower checklist
  • Pregnancy Countdown to keep track of what day you're on and how many days you have left!!
  • Appointment Tracker to keep all appointments organized
  • Daily Journal Page to journal as often as you want throughout your pregnancy
  • Weekly Journal pages starting on week 4 and going through week 42
  • Delivery Day worksheet to document the details of your big day
  • Questions for your provider to take with you on your first (or every) appointment
  • Ultrasound pages to document the details and precious memories of each ultrasound
  • Maternity leave – what you need to know
  • Gender prediction sheet
  • Baby name ideas / brainstorming worksheets
  • Story pages to record your road to pregnancy, how you found out you were pregnant, and more.
  • Milestones pages to record all the special dates in your pregnancy
  • Baby Shower worksheets
  • Baby Moon worksheets
  • Kick count tracker
  • Nesting worksheet
  • Gender reveal worksheet
  • Finding a pediatrician help
  • Letters to baby that you can write at any point in your pregnancy when you want to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your unborn baby
  • Note pages to write everything down when you feel like pregnancy brain is making you forget everything!
  • Pregnancy Must Haves Checklist with all of my favorite pregnancy products
  • Baby Registry Checklists for everything you'll need for a new baby
  • Hospital Bag Checklists by a Labor & Delivery nurse that includes everything you'll need and want (and nothing you don't) when you deliver in a hospital
  • Postpartum Recovery Checklist with everything you'll need to survive the postpartum period without having to send your husband out for a last minute emergency target run
  • A 17 page “Tips & Tricks” guide that will help you navigate your journal and get the most out of every page. Details are included here that will help you understand the who, what, where, when, and why's of each jouranl page.
  • 24 month Calendar to keep your pregnancy and early motherhood organized
  • And More! Don't miss out!