The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner

Get organized. Don't miss a thing. Remember every moment. 



In this Online Training, you'll learn:

As a mama and a Labor & Delivery nurse, I know how complicated those 9 months of pregnancy can get. Between planning the arrival of a new baby and making sure you stay healthy, things can really get missed. With your new "pregnancy brain" and "newborn fog", it's easy to forget things. With this Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner you'll be able to plan every detail of your pregnancy while keeping track of your health, making sure you purchase all the maternity and baby items that will make your life easier, and keep track of appointments and important to-do lists. Everything is all in one place!

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Are you wondering how you're going to get through this whole pregnancy thing in once piece? Are you confused about what you need to know, what needs to get done, and what questions you should be asking?

Do you want to have the best pregnancy possible but you feel like you have no idea what you're doing? 

I understand these feelings and I've totally been there. After working with hundreds of new mothers with their pregnancies, I have perfected the checklists. I know what quetions you need to be asking. I know what moms want to remember about their pregnancies.  

Don't wait another minute to get organized and start making this pregnancy one to remember. If you want to have the best pregnancy possible and remain as stress-free as a mother can be, the Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is exactly what you need. 


What is the Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner?

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is the best pregnancy resource for moms-to-be. 

Pregnancy flies by in the blink of an eye, no matter how long it seems while you're struggling to sleep and peeing every five minutes. I promise, it's fleeting. 

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is a guide that will help you stay organized during this life-changing time. It is also a personal journal & planner that you will be able to print, complete, and keep forever to look back on over the years. It will help you remember and cherish every moment while also reminding you to get done what you would otherwise be scrambling to complete before the baby comes home. 

Who is the Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner for?

This beautiful and easy-to-use pregnancy journal is for every expectant mama-to-be that wants to stay organized and document their pregnancy in a way that will be cherished for years to come. 

If you like to plan, organize, and stay on top of tasks with To-Do Lists and Checklists galore...then this pregnancy journal will be right up your ally!

Are you looking for a pregnancy diary? Here it is!

Do you need a way to organize your mind and keep track of all of the things your pregnancy brain is making you forget? This is it. 

Do you need advice from an experienced nurse and mother about what you need, what you want, and what you have to do before your baby arrives? You've got it. 

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is all of these things in one and will satisfy every need that you have while awaiting your new bundle of joy to make their entrance. 



Daily & Weekly Journal Entries

The heart of this whole thing is the weekly journals. From week 4 to week 42 there are weekly entries for you to fill out all of the details of your pregnancy. But the journaling doesn't stop there! You have the option to journal daily or as often as you'd like with the printable daily journal page. 

To-Do Lists

If you are anything like me, To-Do lists are a must for every situation! I have provided you with a To-Do list for every stage of your pregnancy. Make sure that you get everything done on time and don't miss out on any opportunities that fly by during your pregnancy. With this journal, you will be getting a total of 9 To-Do lists to complete before your due date. 

Event Journal Entries

With this journal you'll recive pages for events such as your gender reveal, your baby shower, and your baby moon. Here you will be able to document photos and details that you don't want to forget. 

Appointment Trackers

Between the monthly appointments in the first trimester and the weekly appoinments closer to delivery, there is going to be a lot of things to keep track of. With this pregnancy jounal you will be able to print out an appointment tracker sheet for each of your appointments to keep track of your pregnancy updates and all of the changes you'll be going through. 

24 Month Calendar

You get two full years of calendar pages with your pregnancy journal. No need to fill in the month and day on a blank calendar page. These calendar pages are created by me specifically for 2023 and 2024. 

Tips & Tricks

Separate from the journal itself, I have included a 14 page Tips & Tricks PDF for you. This section is made specifically to make sure that you get the most out of your Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner. It's written with the detail that you need understand what to do with your pages to make sure you don't miss a thing. 


I've included my clickable checklists seaparte from the pregnancy journal itself. You will get 8 pages of checklists that include the "Pregnancy Must Haves Checklist", "Baby Registry Checklist", the "Hospital Bag Checklist", and the "Postpartum Recovery Checklist" . All of these lists are clickable so that when you open the PDF you can immediately click on any product that you are interested in and be taken directly to the porduct that I am recommending. 


This is hardly the beginning! There really are so many more fun and important features in this Pregnancy Journal & Planner that you are going to love and appreciate when you are expecting a new baby. 


You don't do this every day

Pregnancy is not something that you do every day...or every year of your life. For many of us, this is a one time thing. For others, we get to experience pregnancy a handful of times in our entire life. When you become pregnant, everything is new and exciting. Each pregnancy is so unique and special that it is important to remember everything the best you can. After the baby is born, you'll look back on this Pregnancy Journal and be reminded of the first kicks, first signs of pregnancy, first cravings, and first ultrasound pictures and you'll be so happy that you invested in your pregnancy in this way. 

You need advice from a mom who's been there

How many times have you heard a pregnant woman say "I wish I knew about that sooner!" or a mother say "I wish I had that when I was pregnant!". With this journal, you'll be getting the advice and the product recommendations from a mother who's been there. Not only have I gone through a pregnancy myself, but I have interacted with hundreds of pregnant women in a Labor & Delivery setting and gotten the skinny on all of the preganncy tips and advice that a girl can get. With the Ultimate Preganncy Journal & Planner you'll be getting the inside scoop on all things pregnancy from a source that really matters. 

Staying organized is half the battle

We all know that having a baby can be complicated. Pregnancy, labor, birth, and new motherhood all have obstacles that we must overcome. The first step is getting prepared during your pregnancy by doing everything you can to get ready. The second step is recording everything so that you don't forget (#pregnancybrain). 



The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is a downloadable PDF that will be sent directly to your email once purchased. You will be able to print and re-print any and all pages of the journal as you need them. 

The printable journal is the best way to go because you can take pages with you to appointments, re-print pages that you've made mistakes on, print mulitples of pages that you need duplicates of, and never compromise the look of your journal by removing or adding pages where you need them. 

In the Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner you will recieve:

  • 140+ pages of high quality content written by a labor and delivery nurse and mother. 
  • 8 detailed To-Do lists for each stage of your pregnancy 
  • Baby shower checklist
  • Pregnancy Countdown to keep track of what day you're on and how many days you have left!!
  • Appointment Tracker to keep all appointments organized
  • Daily Journal Page to journal as often as you want throughout your pregnancy
  • Weekly Journal pages starting on week 4 and going through week 42
  • Delivery Day worksheet to document the details of your big day
  • Questions for your provider to take with you on your first (or every) appointment
  • Ultrasound pages to document the details and precious memories of each ultrasound
  • Maternity leave - what you need to know
  • Gender prediction sheet
  • Baby name ideas / brainstorming worksheets
  • Story pages to record your road to pregnancy, how you found out you were pregnant, and more. 
  • Milestones pages to record all the special dates in your pregnancy 
  • Baby Shower worksheets
  • Baby Moon worksheets
  • Kick count tracker
  • Nesting worksheet
  • Gender reveal worksheet
  • Finding a pediatrician help
  • Letters to baby that you can write at any point in your pregnancy when you want to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your unborn baby
  • Note pages to write everything down when you feel like pregnancy brain is making you forget everything!
  • Pregnancy Must Haves Checklist with all of my favorite pregnancy products
  • Baby Registry Checklists for everything you'll need for a new baby
  • Hospital Bag Checklists by a Labor & Delivery nurse that includes everything you'll need and want (and nothing you don't) when you deliver in a hospital
  • Postpartum Recovery Checklist with everything you'll need to survive the postpartum period without having to send your husband out for a last minute emergency target run
  • A 17 page "Tips & Tricks" guide that will help you navigate your journal and get the most out of every page. Details are included here that will help you understand the who, what, where, when, and why's of each jouranl page. 
  • 24 month Calendar to keep your pregnnacy and early motherhood organized

...And More! Don't miss out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to become pregnant or are currently pregnant then this journal is right for you! This planner is ideal for any mother who wants to be prepared for what to expect in pregnancy, get ahead of the game on the big and small "To-Dos" of pregnancy, and document all of your precious memories throughout your pregnancy. 

YES! It's never too late to invest in your pregnancy. What's great about a printable pregnancy journal is that you can toss the pages that you don't need without compromising the integrigy and the whole look of your journal. PLUS, you can always work backwards on the journal pages that you've missed. Just because your writing based on memory doesn't mean that your journal entries will mean any less to you in 10 years when you look back on the things you hardly remember. 

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is everything that you will need to document your pregnancy, shop for your pregnancy, plan for your pregnancy, and stay organized throughout your pregnancy. It's not JUST a journal for your to write down every thought and feeling. It's that and so much more. 

I did my very best to organize the entire journal by what you are going to need when. I put most of the things in the front that you will need througout your entire pregnancy. From there, your journal will be organized by trimester. The first trimester has everything that you will need during the first third of your pregnancy including the weekly journals, the appointment sheets, the ultrasound sheets, and the to-do lists that you should complete during that time. The same goes for the second and third trimesters. 

YES! Within the pregnancy To-Do lists, I have listed when you should start and finish your baby shower planning, when you should have your shower, and how to document the event itself. Plus, you can comlete your entire baby registry for your shower in a matter of minutes with my clickable "Baby Registry Checklist". 

I have included a 17 page "Tips and Tricks" Guide with your Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner. Within that guide, I give you the advice that you need for each and every page of the journal so that you can look ahead and see what is to come and how to take advantage of each section without missing a thing. 

Unlike other pregnancy journals or pregnancy preparation worksheets, this one is written by a registered nurse who works with pregnant women on a daily basis. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to what you need, what you want, and what you need to do during your pregnancy. 

What Are You Waiting For?

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is a the best way to prepare for the arrival of your new baby. 

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal & Planner is right for you if: 

  • You want a comprehensive product that will give you everything you need to have a stress-free and organized pregnancy
  • You hope to remember this pregnancy for years to come
  • You want a place to document your pregnancy milestones, your thoughts and feelings, your precious memories, and all of those priceless bump shots
  • You like having To-Do lists and Checklists to keep your organized and always ahead of the game
  • You want this pregnancy to go smoothly with as little surprises as possible
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A Note From A Labor Nurse...

Hey, I'm Heather. A Labor nurse and a mom of two.

I want to guide you through all the knowledge I have up my sleeve after assisting in over 1000 live births and virtually helping thousands of new moms achieve their empowered births. 

I was already a labor and delivery nurse when I had my first baby. I thought I knew it all.

It wasn't until I gave birth to my first son that I realized that it's more about physical strategy, your circumstance, or a good provider. What I didn't realize is how much I would have to advocate for myself in order to have the birth I knew my body could have. 

When I got pregnant with my second, I made a pact to my self that I would not only learn how I could achieve the birth I was dreaming of but also teach other women how to do the same. 

Here we are. Let's get started. 


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The Pregnancy Journal

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The Pregnancy Journal

&  Planner

The 24 month Calendar

Your Pregnancy Checklists

Tips & Tricks Sheets

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