The Empowered Birth Academy opens up a few times a year. In between these fun, interactive weeks when the doors open, you can stay in touch by getting on the waitlist.  

Mamas-to-be that are on the waitlist will get early access and special offers during launch, you're a whole lot less likely to miss the short window where the doors are open if you're on the list! 

Preparing For Birth Is Essential For Having Your Most Empowered Birth

The Empowered Birth Academy is your Step-by-Step Roadmap to your happiest, healthiest, and most positive birth experience.

How To Manage Your Pain In Labor
Inside the course, you'll learn strategies and techniques that will help you feel less pain in labor and cope positively with the pain of labor that gets you to your end goal. 

Labor & Delivery Preparation
No matter if you're a nervous first time mom, an experienced second (or more) time mom, or just someone looking for a path towards your most relaxed and comfortable birth experience, you'll learn everything you need to know in this course. 

How to Progress Your Labor Naturally
The #1 reason for C-Section in the united states is "Failure to Progress". Learn what you can do to keep your labor moving and how you can change the trajectory of your birth when it starts to "stall". 

Start Making Good Decisions For Your Baby NOW
You start making important choices for your baby while you're still pregnant and you don't stop for many more years to come. Start out this journey as a parent to this baby on the right foot. 

"I just had my baby boy! By the time I got to the birthing room, I was at 10cm and 15 minutes later baby was here. I DID IT and it was thanks to the help of your course! Thank you!!!! I was able to listen to my body and get my baby out quickly. It was VERY different from my first birth that was incredibly traumatic. So thank you thank you thank you!!!"

Mom of Two Boys

A Note from Heather...

I created this course for you after working as a labor and delivery nurse for 7 years and having two babies of my own. It's been an incredible ride figuring out all of the tips, tricks, and strategies that I share in The Empowered Birth Academy and I'm excited for you to have the birth that you desire. 

I know that you are capable of having the birth that you want. I promise that if you give yourself the chance, you'll see what I see in you. 

You are incredible and purposefully made to birth this baby. I can't wait to show you. 


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