Labor & Birth does not have to be scary. Learn everything you need to know to have the birth that you desire.  

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Hey there mama!

I'm so excited that you're here. If you're pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are currently nursing a newborn, I want to show you all the love and support that I can possibly provide online. Let's work together to get you the pregnancy and early motherhood experience that you've been dreaming about. 


I want you to walk away from your birth experience feeling happy, empowered, and fully capable 


Follow along with my week-by-week pregnancy sequence where I pop into your inbox every weekend to clue you in on what you should be doing and what's "normal" through each stage of your pregnancy. 



Prepare yourself and your partner for the big day with this 90+ page workbook full of guides, checklists & worksheets that will keep your organized and prepared. 

The Birth [Action] Plan Accelerator Program

Learn how to become the BOSS in your own birth. Gain the confidence you'll need to make educated and empowered decisions in your birth no matter what your goals are. 

Dive into this detailed and comprehensive program that will guide you through every step of making your birth plan and making. it. HAPPEN. 


Create a keepsake that not only saves all of your precious memories but also keeps you organized and on top of your tasks throughout your pregnancy


Create the birth experience you dream of. Why can't it be you? 

In this new online course, you will master the art of owning your birth using knowledge and understanding as your most effective tools. 

Figure out what you want. Understand what you don't want. Determine your WHY. Write the birth plan that you are confident walking into labor and delivery with. 
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