The Birth-Day Readiness Workbook

Are you ready to go into labor and bring home your new baby? This Workbook will help you figure out the answer. 

Included in the workbook:


  • The Birth Plan Readiness Checklist
  • My labor team worksheet
  • Work out your fears worksheet
  • The pre-labor To-Do List
  • Am I in Labor? Sheet
  • Kick count tracker
  • Contraction tracker
  • Newborn feeding log

Hi! I'm Heather.

I'm a Labor and Delivery Nurse and mom of 3 here to give you all of the tips and tricks that I have up my sleeve from years of working bedside at the hospital with thousands of women as they become mothers for the first or fifth time. 

I feel honored to help you have the best possible labor and birth experience. Congratulations mama, you're so close!


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