Feel Confident & Ready to Rock Your Belly Birth


without having to google 10000 things or sit through an entire drawn out course to get there.

If you’re planning for a scheduled C-Section, have had a C-Section in the past or are a pregnant mama looking to prepare for an empowered birth even if it's not the way you initially imagined it...

...then you're in the right place. Here you're going to learn what a C-Section is all about, what options you have during your belly birth, what goes down in the operating room and how you can have a smooth C-Section recovery. 

After Working Through This Guide, 

you will have…


  • The Confidence to Walk Into Your C-Section Feeling Ready and Fearless

    No more nervous poops thinking about going through a C-Section Birth. You'll finally realize your strength. 
  • The Resources You Need to Advocate For The Belly Birth You Deserve

    Gentle C-Sections DO exist. And with the right strategies, you'll be able to advocate for it and reap all of the benefits. 
  • The Wisdom You Need to Know If a C-Section is Right For You 

    Learn about the risks, benefits, and indications for the different types of C-Sections you might be presented with. 
  • Strategies to Make Post-Op and Recovery as Comfortable. and Healthy as Possible

    All of the tips and tricks that you need to have a smooth post C-Section experience. 
  • Tips & Advice From Other C-Section Mamas

    Veteran C-Section mamas provide tips and advice to help you to have a positive birth experience physically and emotionally. 

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What’s Inside The C-Section Guide



Inside the guide, you'll work through ...

  • Chapter One: Is A C-Section Right For Me?
  • Chapter Two: Is Your Provider The Right Fit For Your Birth?
  • Chapter Three: Preparing For The Big Day
  • Chapter Four: How Can I Advocate For Myself?
  • Chapter Five: Getting Out Of Your Own Way
  • Chapter Six: Planned C-Sections
  • Chapter Seven: Urgent & Emergent C-Sections
  • Chapter Eight:  What Happens During A C-Section
  • Chapter Nine: The Baby After C-Section
  • Chapter Ten: Recovery After C-Section 

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Feel Fully Prepared 


Bonus 1

Will My C-Section Affect My Future Pregnancies?


  • How your C-Section might affect your future

  • Are You a Candidate for VBAC?

Bonus 2

The Parter: C-Section Support Guide


  • What your support person can expect

  • What your support person can do

Bonus 3



  • What To Expect

  • Your choices & options

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The C-Section Guide Mini Course

  • 10 Chapters
  • 5 Bonus Chapters
  • Q&A
  • Tips & Advice from real moms who've been there

Total Value: $197

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I'm A Belly Birth Queen!

I can’t wait for you to join The C-Section Guide

It's so important that C-Section mamas are included in the opportunity to have the beautiful birth memory that we all deserve. 

Birth is birth. I hope that you find that in your belly birth, you don't feel like a side lier in your birth. I hope that you are an active participant. 


And I hope that the C-Section Guide Helps You Get There.