The Postpartum Recovery Kit Checklist

Take Care of YOURSELF for a change. 

As new moms, we take care of our babies 100% of the time and it seems that we don't have a moment to think about what our own bodies need. 

After giving birth, your body is recovering from quite the feat! 

Do yourself a favor and prepare for the tough stuff before you're desperate and tempted to send your husband to the store for ice packs for your underwear.

 Download the list that includes everything you need to take care of your own body after giving birth.



Hi! I'm Heather.

I'm a Labor and Delivery Nurse and mom of 3 here to give you all of the tips and tricks that I have up my sleeve from years of working bedside at the hospital with thousands of women as they become mothers for the first or fifth time. 

I feel honored to help you have the best possible labor and birth experience. Congratulations mama, you're so close!


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