Featured Courses

The Empowered Birth Academy

Learn, step-by-step what you can do to prepare your body for birth, understand the process of labor, and ROCK your birth with knowledge, understanding, and a mental toolkit full of strategies that will help you reach your end goals. 

The Birth [Action] Plan Accelerator

Follow the D.R.E.A.M.Y method to create the birth plan that you can work towards, that is actually attainable, and that makes sense to you. Reach your goals by understanding the risks, benefits, alternatives, and action steps that you can take to accept or avoid any of the interventions you'll encounter in labor and delivery. 


The Customizable Birth Plan

This is the most convenient birth plan that will actually facilitate the birth that you desire. No checkboxes, no lists of things you don't care about, no bull. 

The Labor & Birth Workbook

This beautiful and easy-to-use pregnancy workbook is for every expectant mama-to-be anticipating labor and birth. This Labor & Birth Workbook will help you organize your thoughts, figure out what you want out of your childbirth experience, and find out how to get it. 


Birth Plan Consult Call With Heather Knezic

Hop on Zoom with me for an hour to discuss your goals, fears, and questions that you have about your upcoming birth. Let's set some important goals and work out strategies that will help you have the birth that you want and walk away feeling like a rock star. 


The C-Section Guide

Step-by-Step What you need to know and prepare for to have a happy, healthy, and empowered Belly Birth